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March 2012
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A Growing Bridge Between Faith and Science

A developing correlation between faith and today’s systemic sciences can be greatly beneficial to Christianity. Christians need to be students of both special and natural revelation (by “special revelation,” I am referring to the Word of God, the Bible). Our understanding of the Bible can actually be enhanced by the sciences – especially by the newly developing systemic sciences – because they can give us a better understanding of natural revelation than we received from past social sciences demonstrating a more fragmented worldview.

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What is Living System Ministry?

Even though we’ve been writing this blog for close to a year now and have talked about various components of Living System Ministry, I thought it would be helpful to write a clear description of what it’s really all about.

Living System Ministry is a discipline of Christian practice that recognizes the differences between the living systems that God makes and the constructs that people make, offering insights and practical tools to help us align with and effectively engage living social systems.

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Process of the Gospel: Multiplying in the Living System of our Lives, City and Region

As we see people’s basic needs being met, we need to allow that process to mature – to ignite and breed levels of true multiplication that operate in a chain reaction over the long-term through the living system of many people.

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Process of the Gospel: "Love doesn’t mind when others do it better."

“I can do it myself!” Every preschooler wants to learn how to do things by himself. My grandson, Caleb, loves watching a demonstration on TV on how to tie your own shoes. All of us want to learn how to do things by ourselves, to assert our own independence. It’s a part of growing up, of our essential being as humans.

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Process of the Gospel: "Their task is done..."

After working with a person or group to see their perceived needs successfully met, we are finally at the point where basic needs can be addressed. In meeting basic needs, you will be dealing with core answers that may solve many other related needs or problems, including, but not exclusively, one’s need for salvation. Meeting basic needs is where the “rubber meets the road;” where we finally sense we are making progress in our ministry that will last a lifetime.

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