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 The Cat & the Toaster

VIDEO (above): What is Living System Ministry?
A video by Emmanuel Gospel Center, first presented
at the EGC Annual Dinner on March 13, 2010.

Welcome to ToasterCat.org!

CatPeople make toasters. Only God makes cats. And, clearly, we can’t fix a sick cat with the tools we may use to fix our toaster. So why do those of us who are in Christian ministry try to fix our churches with tools designed for accomplishing simple tasks, which don't take into account the rich complexity of our people-based, Spirit-filled church reality?

Change is not dependent on what we do, but on what God does. Therefore, we are going to have to learn to think more about working with God’s living systems than about trying to fix problems. When our ministry is better aligned with what God is already doing in our complex living system environment, there is an explosion of life! Instead of our actions causing more decline, our actions contribute to fruitful ministry.

So, come in and look around! We hope that together we can all become part of a growing community who can learn from one another more about working with God, as he does his work in the living system world that he created.

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